JPL - "Jakob's Programming Language" (working title).
This programming language is developed to compile to c and to implement c-bindings easily while at the same time being as safe as possible (i.e. implementing strong static type-checking with explicitly distinguishing between partial resp. total functions).
It combines elements from C++, Haskell, OCaml and Rust.
While it's type-system won't be as fancy as Haskell's in the foreseeable future,
the language will neither introduce Haskell's pitfalls (e.g. space-leaks).
JPL is self-hosting from the first week of it's development (built starting from a small 1k core that compiled itself to c) as an additional test of it's capabilities.
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To download files like JPL's latest release, go to the download file list page of JPL. Once you select a file name, the downloading process will begin.
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